KMCT College of architecture (K.M.C.T. C.O.A.) has been initiated by Kunhitharuvai Memorial Charitable Trust [KMCT] in the year 2013. Since then the college has flourished under the motto of “Knowledge with Wisdom”.

Approved by the Council of Architecture (COA) &  All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)  and affiliated to University of Calicut, KMCT COA nurtures and teaches students to become promising architects of good worth, good in hypothesis & practice and can make an environment -valuable, artistic, inexpensive and eco-friendly.

At KMCT COA, the educational focal point and approach is a perfect blend of design, imagination & objectivity. The course program is designed to equip the students for surpassing all the hurdles without losing the chance to utilize and experiment their thoughts in every aspect of architectural profession.

KMCT COA aspires its students to explore a new dimension in architecture which would pave the way for understanding their strength to deal with the multi-dimensional issues of the current society and its environment.

Director's Message

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you all to the KMCT College of Architecture, KMCT Medical College Campus, established by the Kunhitharuvai Memorial Charitable Trust in the year 2013. This is the result of the Dreams, Vision, Dedication, leadership of Dr. Navas.K.M C.E.O. and Executive trustee.
Architecture is not just about buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, it is an expression of the society Values, Desires, Ideals, Ideology and many other things in a fixed point in time. To me the nature of Architectural Design deals about the Image, Community, Functional Efficiency, Security , Expansion, Flexibility, Technical Performance, Human Performance , Energy Conservation, Life cycle coast etc.

We at KMCT COA aspires its students to explore a new dimension in Architecture which would help them realize their potential to tackle the multidimensional issues of the contemporary society and its environment.
Our Architectural pedagogy @ KMCT in today’s rapidly changing academic world includes tradition of exploring learning practices like.

• Design studios are extended to Public Exhibitions for social awareness.
• Formal lectures and seminars are extended to hands on exercise – Workshop.
• Students are involved in Architectural consultancy – Live Projects.
• Industry integrated education system that includes integration with experts – Guest Lectures

Dr. G.P. Sathish, M. Arch., Ph.D.
Graduated in Architecture from AERI, Madras University and secured Master’s degree in Architecture from SAP, Anna University, Dr G.P. Sathish brings more than two decades of academic and research experience to the table. Previous to KMCT COA, he was associated with many well-known collages where he played a key role in networking with numerous leading universities across the globe. He holds Doctorate in Architecture (Anna University) and Published papers in National and International Conferences, International Journals etc. Dr Sathish is one of the Inspection Committee Members of COA, (Council of Architecture). By organizing Zonal Jury of the Awards for excellence in Architectural Thesis by Council of Architecture, he proved his leadership quality as well.